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CollageWe are here to lead children and adults into a relationship with Jesus Christ, help them grow in their Christian walk, discover their unique gifting, equip them for their role in life and ministry and to serve the community in a positive way that reflects the goodness of God.
At Union Christian Church we provide children and youth with programs that educate and nurture. We encourage spiritual renewal opportunities such as youth gatherings, service projects and mission work. 
We hold weekly Sunday school classes that offer several mediums to reach the children. This might include storytelling, drama, cooking, crafts and games. Some of our activities throughout the year include a Fall Festival, and Easter Celebration, Vacation Bible School and campouts and pool parties.

YouthSunday School Classes offered:
Senior Adult
Young Adult
Spares and Pairs

MUSIC (top)

Union Christian Church Choir
Union Christian Church choir is a volunteer choir with members ranging in age from teenager to senior adult. There is no audition and members do not have to read music to join. Practice is on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm CST. Selections of music come from traditional, blended, southern gospel, and praise.
If you love to make a joyful noise and sing praises, you are welcome to join!Handbells

Union Christian Church Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir was recently added to our music ministries. Adults and children (4th grade and above) are welcome to play! Children's practice starts at 6:00 pm, and the adult's practice follows at 7:00 pm (both practices are on Wednesdays).
A special thanks goes to all of our donors and donations for getting this program started!


Disciples Men
Disciples Men LogoThe Disciples Men Fellowship is a convivial group of men who meet once a month for spiritual growth, church business, and fellowship. Our main goal is to further the mission of Christ’s church by raising funds for projects and activities here at Union as well as for projects and activities in the local community. Our other goal is to have fun while doing it. We also enjoy good food so there are always good snacks at our meetings! All men, young and old, are welcome.
Disciples Home Missions: Disciples Men site

Disciples Women
disciples womenDisciples Women is a fellowship group which meets monthly. The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ. The group is active in ministries at the local, district, regional, and general church levels. Each year the group sets local projects and is an active participant in regional and global projects.  We support Disciples Home Mission and express our discipline of gratitude for our "blessings" by our Blessing Box giving.
Disciples Home Missions: Disciples Women site

Happy Timers
Happy Timers is a fellowship group for the senior citizens of Union Christian Church and our community. During our time together, we pray and discuss the needs of our community. On the fourth Wednesday of each month, the Happy Timers gather at the church or a local restaurant to play Dominoes, enjoy a meal, and celebrate life.

People of the Covenant
People of the Covenant is a combined Bible study/prayer share small group that engages its members in relational Bible studies and in developing an effective prayer life. The Covenant Bible Series contains studies based either on a specific book of the Bible, such as the book of Esther, or on a biblical topic, such as the life of David. Through weekly meetings focused on study, prayer, and fellowship, POC members gain the spiritual gifts necessary to become lay leaders of the church.